Legend Maker Series Watch Strap

WOTANCRAFT’s hand dying and aging process

From creasing, hand-dying to aging the leather, every process is purely done by hand. To achieve the “vintage soul” for Legend Maker straps, these processes highly rely on our craftsmen’s skills, effort, heart, and accurate judgment. Detailed adjustments are made in every process to create the most stunning, yet natural looking hand-dyed aged watch straps.


Tailored for Apple Watches

To accommodate Apple Watch’s quick-release mechanism, we resigned the Legend Maker Strap Series (width and thickness) to fit on Apple Watch’s connectors.


”Double Needle Saddle Stitching” method

Using 0.6mm thick linen and the traditional “Double Needle Saddle Stitching” method to achieve the handcrafted texture of WOTANCRAFT straps.


stainless steal buckle

WOTANCRAFT buckle delivers a nostalgic vibe to the wartime equipment. All the corners and pins are carefully polished until smooth and beveled to increase comfortability and prevents scraping the wrist.