MagEZ Case for iPad 2018/2020 Feature

The first aramid fiber MagEZ Case for iPad Pro and iPad Air 2020 that offers seamless functionality between your iPad Pro or iPad Air 2020 and Apple Magic Keyboard. The slim, lightweight case can be left on even when the iPad Pro or iPad Air 2020 and Magic Keyboard are closed. Take advantage of pass-through charging between your devices and plug-in hubs and dongles with the specially designed Type-C port cut-out. 

A Secure Magnetic Attachment
The MagEZ Case for iPad Pro/iPad Air 2020 attaches magnetically to the Apple Keyboard, ensuring a secure hold while you work.

Magnetic Connectivity
Four precisely placed metal segments offer magnetic connectivity with MagEZ accessories, such as the MagEZ iPad Stand.

Easily Attach Your Apple Pencil
Magnetically connect and charge your Apple Pencil as usual.

Pass-Through Charging Functionality
The patented three-pin adapter offers seamless charging between your iPad Pro/iPad Air Case and Magic Keyboard.

A Perfect Fit
Even when used together with the MagEZ iPad Pro Case or iPad Air 2020, the Magic Keyboard still snugly closes for secure carrying.

Soft Feel with Improved Grip
Finely woven fibers create a smooth textured surface that feels great to the touch and improves grip.

Super-Slim, Lightweight And Durable
Crafted from aerospace-grade aramid fiber, this slim, lightweight case offers protection against daily wear and tear.

Easy Access Type-C Charging Port
The precisely cut design of the MagEZ iPad Pro Case provides easy access to all buttons and switches. The USB-C charging port cut-out's specific shape allows Type-C hubs to fit comfortably.

Keep Credit and Business Cards Handy
Simply slide the clip over your iPad Pro or iPad Air 2020 and keyboard for easy access to your cards when you’re on the go and additional security for your Apple Pencil.