Pilot Brompton Bag

[ Designed for Photographers ]

A True Lightweight Camera Bag
Built entirely from lightweight CORDURA ®, the Pilot’s CORDURA ® is at least 60% thinner than traditional canvas, 50% lighter, 10 times more durable and tear-resistant

By using “Duraflex Accessories” (also used by Patagonia / Mystery range), the Pilot’s net weight is kept under 900g, leaving more room to carry more gear

"Seashell Flap" Design
Similar to any other bag with a zipperless opening, the “Seashell Flap” wide opening allows quick access to your gear and prevents your gear from being scratched by zippers

Add-on Tactical Design
Compatible with Wotancraft Interior Modules, the Pilot camera bag also has 2 vertical loop strips for 2 new Outer Module Add-ons

Tripod Stabilizing Straps
Located on the bottom of the Pilot, there are 2 adjustable straps for stabilizing your tripod. The straps can hold up to a Peak Design Travel Tripod (Collapsed dimensions: length 39.1 cm, diameter 7.9 cm)

[ Designed for Travelling ]
Hidden Zippers
With all zippers hidden from sight to prevent pickpocketing, the Pilot is a secured bag for traveling

Add-on Pouches
Detached from the Pilot, the optional add-ons can be used as individual sling pouches, suitable for taking a stroll around the hotel

Broaden Shoulder Strap and Padding
For a more even weight distribution over the shoulder, the shoulder strap and padding have been widened. Also, to ensure the bag stays upright at all times, a 360° rotatable ring has been added to each end of the strap

Travel-Friendly Details
Allowing the Pilot to sit firmly on a trolly, a luggage handle strap has been added to the back of the bag. Easy to access but hidden from sight, a hidden zipper net pocket is located in the front to place your passport and boarding pass