Pilot Travel Camera Bag

A simple design

"Designed according to instinct"

When designing a camera bag, multiple functions are often added in to fulfill different needs of a photographer, ending up with functions not even being used in the end. When designing the Pilot, Wotancraft designer Albert Y. collected feedbacks from professional photographers and only kept majorly used functions they would use. Omitting miscellaneous functions of a camera bag, users can understand and use the bag according to their instinct, allowing them to focus more on their work.

A true lightweight bag

Built from lightweight CORDURA ®, the fabric is at least 60% thinner than traditional canvas, 50% lighter, 10 times more durable and also tear-resistant.

By reducing the use of leather and switching metal accessories to “Duraflex Accessories” (also used by Columbia / Patagonia / Mystery range / Lululemon), the Pilot’s net weight is kept under 900g, leaving more room to carry more gear.

CORDURA® Waxed Canvas

Water Repellent, Anti-Scruff & Lightweight

For the love of the canvas, early Wotancraft bags were built from traditional waxed canvas. However, due to the bulkiness of traditional canvas, Wotancraft has developed a new lightweight CORDURA Ⓡ Waxed Canvas. Presented as cotton-like fabric, the new CORDURA Ⓡ canvas is soft and durable, unlike ordinary CORDURA Ⓡ that has a plastic-like texture.

With use, WOTANCRAFT waxed CORDURA ® bags will develop light shaded scuff marks, similar to the “fading” effect you find on raw denim pants. Even with the lack of leather and metal accessories, the PILOT still inherits Wotancraft’s “Vintage Soul” vibe.