_DSC7901Expandable capacity up to 2 times its original size

By adjusting the front straps, the Pioneer Expandable Front Bag M size can easily expand its size up to 5L. 

3-Way Handle Design

By adding handles to the top and both sides of the bag, the main compartment could be easily accessed even when on the bike.

The handle on the top makes it easy to hand carry when taken off the bike.

Add-on Module System
Loop straps are located on the back of the bag for Add-on Pocket Modules.

※ Click Here for optional Add-on Modules 

Interior Pocket Module System

Other than outer add-on pocket modules, interior modules can help you organize your main compartment.

※ Click Here for optional Interior Modules

CORDURA ® - One of the toughest fabrics you could find

Used on the Pioneer Series, the iconic WOTANCRAFT Cordura ® Canvas is water repellent, anti-scuff, and lightweight.