Q&A - Rider Series

Q: What is the warranty period for WOTANCRAFT creations?
A: WOTANCRAFT creations have a 3 year warranty period.  

Q:  Can I put camera inside this bag?
A:  The bag doesn't have all-around EVA foam padding, if you wish to carry camera gear, we suggest ordering the optional "quick-draw camera insert" or "Magician/Lens Wrap".

Q: How to install the 3-point strap system?


A: Please follow the images above.
※These instructions are for left shoulder cross-chest users. If you wish to wear it from the right shoulder, simply change the leather end of the straps to the opposite D-ring. 

Q:  When not riding, can I remove the 3-point stabilization strap?
A:  Yes, main strap and the auxiliary strap can both be detached.

Q:  The 8 shaped hole on the leather strap fasteners seem smaller than the stud hardware, is this normal?
A:  Yes, when fastening the leather strap, you need to stuff the stud hardware halfway into the 8 shaped hole, and press the leather to stuff the leather edge across. This way the leather strap will be fastened more securely.

Q:  Can this bag fit a laptop?
A:  Easy/Night Rider can fit up to 13 inch MacBookPro in a slanted position, with no protective padding. Lightning Rider can fit up to 15 inch MacbookPro with padding.

Q:  Does the bag fit my iPad?
A:  Yes the interior space fits, but there will be no bottom padding.

Q:  Is the bag waterproof?
A:  It can withstand mild rain / snow conditions. The leather parts are slightly water-repellent, but with time water will gradually seep through.