Rebel Lightweight Backpack

Wotancraft’s lightest daily backpack

Presented in ultralight CORDURA ® Lightweight Canvas and leather accents, the Rebel Backpack is paired with comfy detachable shoulder straps

Designed with 2 hidden zipper pockets on the sides, adding additional safety to your belongings.

The side pocket openings are barely noticeable when hidden behind the pocket folds

Vintage army designs are added to this daily backpack

Mimicking the vintage Swiss“Salt & Pepper” Rucksack, the 2 leather front straps can hold a tripod, jacket, raincoat, etc.

Organizing you interior with Velcro Pockets

The backboad of the interior is velcro compatible. Optional Velcro Pocket Modules are available

Camera friendly

With the help of an optional MAGICIAN CAMERA / LENS WRAP for APS-C DSLR cameras, the Rebel can turn into a travel photography bag