Ridge Wallet FAQ

1. What are the dimensions of the Wallet?
The wallet dimensions are the exact size of a standard credit card; for the cash strap version the dimensions are 8 1/2 cm length, 5 1/2 cm height, and 1/2 cm thick. The money clip is an additional 1 cm thick. 

2. How many cards can The Ridge Wallet hold?
Our wallets can hold 1-12 cards comfortably without stretching out the elastic. For cash, the money clip can easily hold 15-20 bills, but will also accommodate to tightly holding just 1. The cash strap can hold the same amount but is also able to stretch in case it needs to fit any more.

3. I have a cash strap wallet, how do I switch to a money clip?
To complete your installation, you will need to purchase both the Money Clip and Replacement Money Clip elastic. 

4. I have a money clip wallet, how to I switch to a cash strap?
To do this, you will need the Replacement Cash Strap Elastic. You will then simply change out the elastic and remove the clip.

5. What is the difference between the Carbon Fiber 3k and the Forged Carbon?Carbon Fiber is made in sheets and then filled with resin. Forged Composite uses a paste of fibers (500,000 fibers per square inch) mixed with a resin that is squeezed out to make almost any shape. Since the fibers aren't oriented in any particular direction, the finished part is strong all around, while remaining light. Our Forged Carbon wallet has the same weight and strength as the Carbon Fiber model with just a different visual appearance.

6. What is the difference between the Cash Strap and the Money Clip?
The Money Clip and Cash Strap are both good options, and the option you choose mostly comes down to personal preference! The Cash Strap is slimmer while the Money Clip can give you quicker access to your bills. The Money Clip has a single strong point of contact with the face of the wallet, while the cash strap runs along the entire length of the wallet.

If you are looking to switch between a Cash Strap and a Money Clip, it is easiest and most cost effective to purchase a money clip wallet along with an additional cash strap elastic and cash strap plate. This will then allow you to switch between the Money Clip and Cash Strap, or even employe both at the same time! 

7. What is the weight of each Wallet?
The weights of each of our Wallets are as followed:

Aluminum: 2 oz
Titanium: 2.5 oz
Carbon Fiber: 1.6 oz