1DEA.ME - Travel Map® | Black Europe

by 1DEA.ME

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Travel Map Europe Black is a motivational scratch-off map of Europe designed in a black color with a golden scratch-off layer. On the detailed map, you will find cities and towns, rivers and lakes. Also, there is a check-list of European capitals. Dream about a new trip. Mark the places where you've been and where you want to go with the check-in stickers.

Erase the scratch-off layer from the countries you’ve visited and collect the emotions.

The map will be an inspiring gift and a stylish decor element.

Discover the whole Europe with TRAVEL Map Europe Black!

Amazing Design
TRAVEL MAP EUROPE BLACK is a compact map of Europe in black color with a golden scratch-off layer. At the bottom of the map there is a check-list with the capitals of Europe, which harmoniously complements the design. Under the scratch-off layer the continent are multi-colored. We used the gradient effect, by means of which all the colors merge smoothly. Each marked country will look differently, you just need to erase the scratch-off layer and unveil the bright background of the map.

Great packaging
TRAVEL MAP EUROPE BLACK is packed in a designer tube, in which it is convenient to give a map, and also safely store and transport.

The tube can be used universally as a storage box, a money box for saving up for a future trip or as a convenient stand.

Do you want to make your gift even more original?
The framed map is a stylish surprise for close ones at home and in the office.
The framed map is packed in a gift bag.

What's inside
- a designer tube, which will be an excellent gift wrapping
- 4 buttons, which conveniently attach the map to the surface
- a scratcher for erasing the scratch-off layer
- a felt shred, which is easy to wipe off the remnants of the coating
- a set of check-in sticker
- instruction








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