1DEA.ME - Travel Map® | Air World

by 1DEA.ME

HKD $424.00 HKD $499.00

TRAVEL MAP® AIR WORLD is a designer diary of your journeys all around the world. This inspiring transparent scratch-off map will be a wonderful gift for a person who needs travels like the air and for those who just have started to explore our wonderful world. It’s also a stylish decor for a house which perfectly fits any interior.

Choose a country which you plan to visit, make notes, use check-in stickers and let your journey get started. Scratch off the silver layer from the countries you’ve already been to, and see how the map becomes brighter, and your life gets more colors. Keep your traveling going until there will be not an inch of the silver layer left.

• Map dimensions — 96 x 60 cm / 37.8 х 23.6 inches;
• The map is made of high-quality flexible plastic

Amazing design
Travel Map AIR World is the first transparent scratch-off font map in a big collection of inspiring 1DEA.me gifts. Thanks to this original design the map fits any interior perfectly and has that nice airy look. All countries are covered with the silver layer; after its scratching the map reveals its bright colors.

Great Package
Like all the others 1DEA.me maps Travel Map AIR World is packed in a stylish tube, designed for a pleasant appearance and convenient gift-giving. A tube is cross-functional – it can be used as a box for small objects, a piggy bank for future journeys or a nice stand.
Map dimensions — 96 x 60 cm / 37.8 х 23.6 inches;
Tube dimensions — 64 х 7 cm /25.1 х 2.7 inches;

What's Inside
– special scraper;
– 4 pins to attach scratch map to the wall;
– special felt shred to remove residual scratching;
– check-in stickers of two colors which are convenient for marking places you’ve already been to and places you just plan to visit;
– tip marker for notes and plannig your journeys on the map;
– instructions



    design, the map appears to float on any surface and adds lightness to any interior. Erase the silver scratch-off layers from the countries that you’ve visited, draw routes with a red marker and plan new trips. Use the check-in stickers to mark off the places you’ve been to, as well as those you wish to visit. Travel Map® Air World is beautiful as decor and an amazing gift. Travel easily with Travel Map® Air World.

    Material: flexible plastic
    Map size: 37,7х23,6 in
    Tube size: 25.1х2.7 in