Memobottle - Metallic Matte Black Lid - FEVERGUY
HKD $99.00


Memobottle - Metallic Matte Black Lid

1 x Metallic Matte Black Lid


Take your memobottle™ to the next level with a touch of metallic matte black. The metallic memo-lid allow you to customize your memobottle™ in style and sophistication.

Each memo-lid is equipped with a durable and reliable silicon seal made from the highest quality materials, ensuring your memobottle™ can be trusted when placed with your precious valuables. 

We designed the memobottle™ to be loved and reused.  Stand out from the crowd and stand up for the environment #onebottlemovement

Please Note: The Matte black metallic lid is not dishwasher friendly