Mous - iPhone Case Bamboo - FEVERGUY
Mous - iPhone Case Bamboo - FEVERGUY
HKD $348.00

HKD $398.00


Mous - iPhone Limitless 2.0 Case - Bamboo for iPhone X/Xs/XR/Xs Max

  • LINED WITH AIROSHOCK - AiroShock dampens the impact of drops whilst providing extra grip to the phone. This allows our cases to be super slim yet extremely protective.
  • NATURAL MATERIALS - Every Mous Limitless cases is made from real, authentic materials. Whether it is Walnut or Bamboo wood, Sea Shell, Leather or Carbon Fiber, every case is the real deal.
  • LIMITLESS 2.0 - These upgraded cases are designed to be compatible with wireless charging as well as Mous Limitless 2.0 accessories.
  • Phone Model:  iPhone X / XS / XR / XS MAX / S10 / S10+