Ridge - Wallet | Forged Pacific
Ridge - Wallet | Forged Pacific
Ridge - Wallet | Forged Pacific
Ridge - Wallet | Forged Pacific
Ridge - Wallet | Forged Pacific

Ridge - Wallet | Forged Pacific

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The Ridge is a minimalist, RFID-blocking wallet. The main cardholder uses elastic to expand to hold up to 12 IDs and credit cards. The typical leather bi-fold gets packed with faded receipts and unnecessary cards, resembling something more like a suitcase rather than a wallet. The Ridge is minimalist without being limiting. It’s about carrying less but always having what you need.

This Version includes both Cash Strap and Money Clip Version.

Cash Strap: A thin and versatile elastic. Ideal for carrying: cash, ID's, or RFID-enabled cards.
Money Clip: A traditional money clip made from spring steel. Ideal for carrying: cash, RFID-enabled cards, or business cards.


  • Holds 1-12 cards without stretching out
  • Blocks RFID (wireless theft)
  • Replaceable elastic
  • Backed by our lifetime warranty
  • Forged carbon fiber | matte finish
  • Weight: 1.6 oz | 86 x 54 x 6 mm

・Expands to Hold 1-12 Cards
・Blocks RFID (wireless theft)
・Backed by our Lifetime Warranty
・Carbon Fiber and resin.
・Weight: 1.6 oz | 86 x 54 x 6 mm


The Forged Ember Ridge Wallet is the second addition to our Carbon Fiber Line. The Forged material is a lightweight blend of resin and carbon fibers, used in golf clubs to sports cars.


The Ridge is designed as a slim, front pocket wallet that's designed to remain as slim as possible. Our patented, dual-track design expands to hold 1-12 cards.

Cavity Tray for ridge

Carry a few coins, keys, and other small items

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individual money clip

Replace or add a money clip to your wallet

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cash strap plate

Replace or add a cash strap plate to your wallet

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