PITAKA - MagEZ Car Mount Pro | MagSafe兼容磁力車充

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  • 兼容MagEZ® 2.0 系統。
  • 與適用於 iPhone 13 系列的 MagEZ Case 2 和適用於 iPhone 13 系列的 New MagEZ Case Pro 搭配使用效果最佳。
  • 適用於 Apple MagSafe 保護殼和第三方 MagSafe 保護殼。但請注意,磁吸引力因外殼的材料而異。


  • USB C 有線充電(包括電纜)
  • 無線充電輸出:15W(iPhone 7.5W)
  • 輸入:5V/2A / 9V/2A


  • 芳綸纖維
  • 熱塑性聚氨酯



  • 1 個 MagEZ 車載支架專業版
  • 1 x USB-C 充電線
  • 1 x 用戶手冊
  • 1 x 電纜紮帶
  • 1 x 通風口附件(僅適用於通風口型號)
  • 或者
  • 1 x 吸盤附件(僅適用於吸盤型號)
  • 1 個儀表板墊
Secure Attachment

The smart hook system has stabilising grooves on both sides to firmly hook onto different car vents for a balance and sturdy mount.

Fast, Safe, and Reliable

MagEZ Car Mount Pro offers up to 15W fast charging*. With a unique built-in cooling fan that reduces heat, your MagEZ Car Mount Pro and smartphone stay safe from overheating as you wireless charge.

The car charger also includes sensors that detect an increase in temperature, voltage, and current to protect your devices while driving.

*7.5W for iPhone

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