Wallet | North Shore Ridge
Wallet | North Shore Ridge
Wallet | North Shore Ridge
Wallet | North Shore Ridge
Wallet | North Shore Ridge
Wallet | North Shore Ridge

鋁金屬錢包 | North Shore

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The Ridge 是一款極簡主義的 RFID 屏蔽錢包。主持卡人使用彈性擴展,最多可容納12張身份證和信用卡。典型的皮革雙折裝滿了褪色的收據和不必要的卡片,更像是手提箱而不是錢包。 The Ridge 是極簡主義而不是限制。這是關於攜帶更少但始終擁有您需要的東西。


一種薄而多功能的鬆緊帶。攜帶的理想選擇:現金、身份證或支持 RFID 的卡。
:由彈簧鋼製成的傳統錢夾。攜帶的理想選擇:現金、支持 RFID 的卡片或名片。


  • 可容納 1-12 張卡片而不會伸出
  • 阻止 RFID(無線盜竊)
  • 可更換鬆緊帶
  • 終身保修
  • 6061-T6鋁材|激光雕刻
  • 重量:2 盎司 | 86 x 54 x 6 毫

・Expands to Hold 1-12 Cards
・RFID-blocking Materials
・Backed by our Lifetime Warranty
・6061-T6 aluminum
・Weight: 2 oz | 86 x 54 x 6 mm


Both options secure your cash while keeping it easily accessible and the wallet as slim as possible. The Cash Strap is slightly slimmer, while the Money Clip has a more traditional feel. We’ve built The Ridge modularly so that you can always switch at a later date.

Streamlined Essential

The Ridge was built with a focus on design and functionality—a wallet that’s minimalist without being limiting—so that you can carry less and always have what you need. It’s a reimagination of what the modern wallet can be.


The rugged design and military-grade materials used in production allow us to guarantee every wallet for life. If you ever feel The Ridge isn’t functioning properly visit us at ridge.com/warranty and we’ll make it right.

Cavity Tray for ridge

Carry a few coins, keys, and other small items

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individual money clip

Replace or add a money clip to your wallet

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cash strap plate

Replace or add a cash strap plate to your wallet

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