Our Story

"Feverguy" in Chinese means Enthusiast, or someone who is crazy about something. 

Like many other gadget lovers, we always wanted a shop that would feature unique, quality collections of products, a place where customers could experience the innovations, and know more about the story behind each product. That's exactly the reason we founded Feverguy in 2017. 

"We only sell cool stuff."

Based in Hong Kong, we started Feverguy with an ambition to only sell hand picked high quality selections of unique products around the world. We never aim to partner with too many brands, we only picked brands which we believe are the best among each categories, and feature them in our concept store. We want to make sure customers who bought items in our store, will feel excited and happy about what they've got.

Our vision is clear - to be the leader of first-ever kickstarter/gadgets focused concept store in Hong Kong, Taiwan and even more. We are also extremely passionate to help brands grow their market continuously and positively in Hong Kong & Taiwan. We offer a completely different model than most traditional distributor which focus on one time buy-spread-earn business model. We witness alot of brands suffering from it and we are here, ready to make a difference.