memobottle’s aim is to change public perceptions of single-use water bottle consumption, and encourage a more reusable lifestyle.

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Modern Dayfarer

MODERN DAYFARER is a design company focusing on minimal and high quality products supporting an active and creative lifestyle.



NOMAD build products to ensure that your smartphone is there whenever you need it: world-class materials, durability, and attention to detail.

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Orbitkey enhances everyday life through clever organisation.

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PITAKA believes that good design will allow technology to bring users a more effortless, smoother product experience.

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Two kickstarters, nine years, and over 2 million wallets later, The Ridge is still starting every day with that same mentality, make wallets better. Only now, it’s to improve all the items you carry everyday.

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RovyVon is one of the brands Runfree owned which is dedicated to illumination flashlight - include tactical, law enforcement, outdoors, searching, gun light, EDC and etc. The first priority we always keep in mind is innovation, originality and quality.

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