Fighter03 Rider Bag

The Rider Bag uses DURAFLEX clips to attach itself to the bottom of the Pilot Backpack and functions as an extra pocket on the backpack.

When detached from the Pilot, the Accessory Pouch is able to be used individually as a sling pouch

The optional Coin Pouch and Phone Pouch can be attached to the front of the Rider Bag and act as front pockets.

Optional QUICK-DRAW CAMERA INSERT (FOR EASY RIDER) is available for turning the Rider Bag into a camera bag.

The size/capacity of the Rider Bag can be adjusted by the 2 front straps.

Exterior (W x D x H)
35 x 14 x 18 cm

Main Compartment (W x D x H)
34 x 13 x 17 cm

Can fit clothes, a jacket, a pair of shoes. If you want to use it as a camera bag, the optional QUICK-DRAW CAMERA INSERT (FOR EASY RIDER) is compatible with this Rider Bag.

± 395 g