M Series FAQ

Q:How do you hold cash on M Series wallets?
A:You can hold cash using the silicone band on the M Series wallets. Depending on the currency you are using, you will have to bifold or trifold your bill to fit it in. 

Q:How many cards can M Series wallets hold?
A:In terms of credit cards, M Series single fold wallet can hold around 6 cards, bifold can hold ~10cards, Rail Wallets can hold ~8 cards.

Q:How do you change between different style of M Series Wallets?
A:You can purchase the Single pockets / Bifold pockets / Bifold DTEX with MT01 Clasp / M1 Rails to switch between different styles, a hex tool is included, so don't worry about getting a tool. *Please note that M1 Rails is not compatible with M1 Titanium wallet. 

Q:If I want to hold extra cash, what add-on should I get?
A:Chassis Clip & Pocket Clip will help you hold more cash on M1 Wallets.