Pitaka MagEZ Wallet 2 Spec


2 Card Holder
4in (101.5mm)Width: 2.7in (67.5mm)Thickness: 0.25in (6.3mm)
21.7oz (48g)

Card Layer
4in (101.5mm)Width: 2.7in (67.5mm)Thickness: 0.15in (3.7mm)
0.53oz (15g)

Money Clip
4in (101.5mm)Width: 2.7in (67.5mm)Thickness: 0.15in (3.7mm)
0.64oz (18.1g)

Box Layer
4in (101.5mm)Width: 2.7in (67.5mm)Thickness: 0.18in (4.5mm)
0.8oz (23g)

Base (Mag Adapter)
1.3oz (37g)

Card Shield (For Magnetic Strip Cards)
1.9oz (53g)

Tech Module
1.8oz (50g)


Attach to PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro 2 or MagSafe® Cases with built-in magnets.Attach to MagEZ Wallet 2, Wallet 2 Pro, Tech Kit, Card Layer, Box Layer, Tech Module, and Money Clip.MagEZ Wallet 2 layers are not compatible with MagEZ Wallet UE.Not compatible with MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 models, Galaxy S21, S21U, S20U, Note 20U, OnePlus 8 Pro, or P40 Pro.Not compatible with magnetic strip cards. For a magnetic strip card compatible wallet, see MagEZ Wallet 2 Pro.

Materials and Tech
Carbon fiber

Lifetime warranty
See Pitaka warranty page for more information.

Package Contents
1 x MagEZ Wallet 2