DANGO - Pen Wallet Conversion Kit | DTEX


HKD $560.00
The DTEX Pen Wallet Conversion Kit is a complete set-up to turn your Dango D-series and T-series wallet into the ultimate pen wallet. Simply unbolt and replace the current pocket on your D-series or T-series wallet chassis with the DTEX Pen Wallet Conversion Kit, and equip it with a Dango Pen, Dango Notebook & DTEX 3 Pocket bifold. To top it off, this kit also includes a grey 95 paracord lanyard. This set-up will help keep your essential everyday carry compacted into one tidy unit and gets you ready to embark on your daily adventures. DTEX Material is our newly developed material that is non-leather but very durable. The textured surface is easy to clean, water resistant and scratch resistant. The feel is incredibly tactile and molds to your everyday use.