Super Slim Case for iPhone 14 Series

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Our thinnest case yet, Super Slim elevates the look and feel of your iPhone while maintaining its original form factor and offering scratch protection.  

  • 50% recycled materials
  • Premium & grippy matte finish
  • 360º coverage with chamfered cutouts for buttons and ports
  • Raised camera bump for added protection
  • Wireless charging compatible


  • 50% post-industrial recycled materials


  • Height above screen: 0.6mm 
  • Bumper thickness: 0.6mm
  • Raised camera bumper for added protection


  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Maintains MagSafe functionality but offers slightly decreased magnetic attraction

Is this case MagSafe compatible? 
While Super Slim is thin enough to maintain MagSafe functionality, it offers slightly decreased magnetic attraction. Please note, we do not recommend using Super Slim with MagSafe car mounts. 

Is this case equipped with MagSafe magnets?
No, Super Slim does not feature integrated MagSafe magnets. 

Will this case scratch over time? 
Super Slim is made of 50% post-industrial recycled material that is scratch-resistant, though we do recommend avoiding sharp metal surfaces. 



Super Slim Design

Maintain the form factor of your iPhone with our thinnest case yet. At just 0.6mm, Super Slim feels smooth and minimal in hand while offering a sleek layer of scratch protection.

Maximized Functionality

Minimal branding allows you to showcase your iPhone’s original look and feel and precise cutouts with chamfered edges facilitate easy access to buttons and bottom ports.

Recycled Materials

Super Slim is made of 50% post-industrial recycled material that is sleek and smooth yet grippy and durable. Using recycled materials brings us one step closer to achieving our sustainability goals.


Available in Frost and Carbide, Super Slim has a semi-transparent matte finish that allows the color of your iPhone to show through.

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