Key Cache Wingback
Key Cache Wingback
Key Cache Wingback
Key Cache Wingback
Key Cache Wingback
Key Cache Wingback
Key Cache Wingback
Key Cache Wingback
Key Cache Wingback
Key Cache Wingback
Key Cache Wingback

Key Cache

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A machined stash for your emergency cash.
Cache (kash) [noun]
1. a hidden place for provisions, valuables, treasure – as used by explorers or adventurers
2. a secure place of storage
The Wingback Key Cache is designed to enhance and complement your everyday carry, while discreetly adding functionality.

It neatly clips onto your keyring and contains a secure compartment to store banknotes and an “if found” note in case your keys go missing. Having emergency cash tucked away will spare your blushes if you forget your wallet. It could even save your bacon on your travels – a backup $100 note can get you out of a lot of tricky situations. Machined from a solid bar of aerospace-grade brass, the Key Cache has been designed to last for decades, not months. For video instructions on how to fold the notes to fit inside, click here.

  • Minimal, machined, brass cache
  • Fits on your keyring while hiding a secure compartment
  • Fits at least one banknote of any currency
  • Additional room for a message with your vital details
  • Hermetically sealed to keep its contents dry
  • Add personalisation of up to 25 characters, laser engraved on the base
  • Manufactured in the UK from aerospace-grade brass
  • Available in our other metals


  • Metal: Aerospace grade brass from Europe, CNC machined in Birmingham, UK.
  • Keyring: As above, (included with your Key Cache).
  • Sleeve: Oeko-Tex double thickness cotton sleeve from Poland, Europe.
  • Finish: Laser engraved, assembled by hand and packaged in London, UK.


  • Dimensions: 40.50mm x 13.6mm diameter (outer), 31mm x 10mm diameter (inner)
  • Capacity: Fits GBP, EURO, USD and every other note we have tested (the maximum size we have tried is 160mm x 82mm)
  • Engraving: All inscriptions are in capital letters and run around the base of the Key Cache
  • Considerations: The brass Key Cache will develop a unique patina as its surface oxidises and interacts with the natural oils in your skin. It will quickly look like a timeless tool, but can easily be polished up to its original lustre

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