Wotancraft - PILOT Travel Camera Backpack 20L

by Wotancraft


20-36L Capacity The ONE that does it ALL

[ Appearance & Capacity]
The Pilot Backpack has a 20 - 36 Litre capacity with 3 optional Add-on Pocket/Pouch Modules which all could be used individually.

The Kangaroo Front Flap Design can fit a jacket or a pair of shoes by loosening and tightening the straps. An optional Add-on Pouch Module for accessories can also fit in this space as well.

7 storage pockets located throughout the main body, including 2 hidden mesh pockets for storing passports, wallets, coins, etc.

Coated with Teflon ® and PU, the military grade CORDURA ® fabric is not only water repellent but also anti-tear and light in weight, making the Pilot Backpack the best “guardian” for your precious gear.

[ Designed for Photography & Travelling ]
The large L shape zipper openings on both sides of the Pilot, allows quick access to the main compartment without having to put your bag on the ground.

The Outer & Interior Pocket Modules System allows you to organize your gear for different scenarios.

The Tripod Strap which comes with the backpack can secure your tripod firmly on the side of the bag. Also, for preventing rainwater from gathering, the sidepockets have drainage holes at the bottom.

Designed in a trapezoid shape, the widened ergonomic strap system helps distribute weight evenly throughout your shoulders and keeps the backpack close to your back.

An optional waist strap is also available.
When carrying over 10kg or more, we would recommend installing the waist strap to take 80% of the load off your shoulders and distributing it on your waist. (CLICK HERE for the Waist Strap)

External Dimensions (W x D x H)
30 x 17 x 48 cm

Main Compartment (W x D x H)
29 x 15 x 45 cm
Detachable dividers included

15” Laptop Compartment (W x H)
28 x 36 cm
Can fit a 15” Laptop

Front Panel Pocket (Outer)
23 x 13 cm
Can fit lens caps, filters and small accessories

Front Panel Pocket (Inner)
23 x 33 cm
Can fit shades, memos, keys, wallets, etc.

Lid Pocket
25 x 20 cm
Can fit a foldable umbrella

Hidden Mesh Pockets x2
10 x 18 cm

Side Pockets x2
15 x 19 cm
Can fit a 500L water bottle, an S-M size tripod (e.g. PeakDesign Travel Tripod) with the help of a tripod strap

Luggage Handle Strap (located on the backboard)
Opening 21 cm
Suitable for a 20cm wide luggage handle

Front Add-on Pouch Loop Straps x2
Width: 2.4cm
Slot Opening: 3cm

Side Add-on Pouch Loop Straps x2
Width: 2.4cm
Slot Opening: 3cm

with dividers ± 1.8 kg
without dividers ± 1.65 kg

- Nylon 6,6 yarn Cordura ® 500D tear-proof waxed canvas
-Ultra-strength bonded Nylon 6,6 thread
- Medical grade durable microfiber lining, less likely to fuzz after Velcro attachments
- Cotton fabric liner
- Duraflex Swivel Snap Hook
- High-density EVA foam padding (bag and dividers)
- Latex foam
- YKK water resistant zipper

Package include
- main bag x1
- dividers, large x2
- dividers, small x2
- chest strap x1
- tripod strap x1
- dustproof bag x1

容量 20L - 36L, 一包搞定所有情境

PILOT 後背包在不加裝任何外掛模組的情況下,容量為 20 公升,可容納 15 吋筆電和全片幅相機 2 機 5 鏡,旅行時也可以改裝 1 機 2 鏡加上鞋子、衣服,利用附贈的分隔片能夠自由調整包內空間的配置,搭配包包本身的 7 個收納口袋,絕對能讓你有足夠的空間擺放整理。


設計師 Albert 利用包身內襯墊軟硬不同程度組合,讓包身更加貼背,肩背帶按照承重受力的不同調整寬度,受力最重的肩膀正上緣特別加寬,讓受力更平均,而靠近前側、腋下部位則縮窄,減少背負時的摩擦異物感。


包身兩側 L 字大開口可直通主空間,單肩背負即可快速抽出相機,不用將包包整個卸下。

肩背帶可裝 PEAK DESIGN 相機快拆系統,一秒開拍。


沃坦獨家 CORDURA Ⓡ 輕量化機能帆布布料表面塗上蠟層,蓋掉了尼龍合成纖維的膠感光澤,呈現出「純棉布料」的感覺。