DANGO - MT02 Multitool


HKD $240.00

The Dango MT02 Multi-Tool has index points that lock safely into the chassis. This allows the wallet and multi-tool to offer several functions. The first row of engagement reveals a serrated and sharpened edge. Engage to the second row and you can fit your fingers into the multi-tool and grip the wallet as a handle for more leverage. If more space is required, the multi-tool can be engaged to the leading edge of the wallet frame. To use the multi-tool's other functions, simply flip it around. The multi-tool serves over 14 functions. To stow it again, the flat side of the multi-tool is faced on the backside of the wallet with the thumb tab pointed up.

  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Works exclusively with Dango wallets
  • Can be used independently without the wallet 

** Compatible with the C-Series, D-Series, P-Series, T-Series & S-Series Wallets **

** The MT02 Multi-Tool is NOT TSA approved (REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT) **


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