HG Carabiner Handgrey
HG Carabiner Handgrey
HG Carabiner Handgrey

HG Carabiner

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Handgrey™ HG carabiner is designed for two things: 1) Holding keys 2) Opening bottles. Nothing more. However, it accomplishes these tasks extremely well. The keys have a dedicated closed loop at the end which keeps them tucked away while opening bottles. Carabiner loop is easy to attach and enables full leverage for bottle opener.

HG is made entirely from specially prepared and pre-polished Grade 5 Titanium, which makes it light and strong and lasts a lifetime. Each carabiner is individually cut via EDM (Electrical discharge machining) wire-cutting technology which results in unprecedented level of precision. Combined with hand finishing it gives the carabiner a superior surface details and creates an understated look that is strong and subtle. 

  • Key carabiner + bottle opener
  • EDM wire-cut from strong titanium
  • Beautiful design
  • Strong and lightweight

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