KIN No.6 Key Hook Handgrey
KIN No.6 Key Hook Handgrey

KIN No.6 Key Hook

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The KIN No.6 is one of 2 versions that I created.  This is my take on the traditional key hook.  It is a simple key hook used for carrying keys on your belt, belt loop, or just clip on to your pockets, bags, or briefcase. For the KIN, the inspiration of this design comes from the modern automotive / motorcycle designs. It takes on the stance of a motorcycle, with slight aggression, and demeanor, and titanium in itself, exudes a feel of strength and precision.

The functionality is for this type of product is quite simple, and the elongated body allows it to function easily, with a slightly large presence. It serves as both the center piece on the keychain, and unobtrusively performs its function without pretense.

  • Length:   59.9 mm
  • Width:   13.6 mm 
  • Thickness:   5.5mm
  • Material: Ti6Al4V / Grade 5 Titanium


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