KNOX Key Ring Handgrey
KNOX Key Ring Handgrey

KNOX Key Ring

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HANDGREY KNOX Titanium Lateral Split Key Ring in Stone-Tumbled Finish

This is my first attempt at rethinking the traditional split keyring, originally designed 100 years ago. 

The KNOX has is improved aesthetically, with the outer 10-sided geometry, while maintaining the smooth circular inner curve.  This will help keep the keys moving freely, without getting caught at the angles.   The design of the ring, also allows a push-pull motion in opening the ring, rather than having to pry with your finger nails.  You can open this key rings, even while wearing gloves, and those with arthritis, will also find this key ring more convenient to use.  

This design is not meant to replace the original key ring, simply because it could not be produced on a mass scale, but nonetheless, it serves as a proof of concept, in exploring the usefulness (the pro and cons, of status quo) and how we can improve upon the existing design, of an accessory we use everyday. 

  • Length X Width:   28.4 mm X 28.4
  • Inner Diameter:   24.00 mm 
  • Thickness:   3.0 mm
  • Material: Ti6Al4V / Grade 5 Titanium
  • Finish:    Stone Tumbled Finish


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